Credit to the private sector in the euro area is up slightly in April

Growth rate of loans

Growth rate of loans

The growth rate of loans to the private sector rose very slightly in April ( + 0.1% year- on-year), according to figures published by the Bank of France. However, not all types of credit evolve in the same way.

Thus, the decline in loans to non-financial corporations is faster than the previous month ( -2.6%, after -2.4%). In contrast, loans to households rose by 2.5%, against + 2.1% previously. As a reminder, these two activities are up in France.

At the level of financial customers, the Bank of France recorded a rebound in activity ( + 2.1%, after -0.1%). As for loans to insurance companies, the figures are still down, the movement being however less pronounced than in March ( -7.5%, after -11.2%).

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